Late Archaic period (3,000 – 1,800 b.C.).
Caral is the second oldest Civilization in the world, it is contemporary with the pyramids of Egypt and it’s located in the middle of mountains 190 km north of Lima. Caral also is the oldest civilization in America and has an approximate age of 5,000 years.
Together with Caral, 25 settlements of the same period have been identified, along with a 40 km stretch passing through Supe’s valley. At each of these archaeological sites, there are public buildings with sunken circular plazas, as well as domestic units. Of them all, the Sacred City of Caral is the center where we find a well-organized use of space and the greatest architectural complexity, features that position it as the most outstanding of all the urban settlements identified in Peru dating back to the Late Archaic period.

Bandurria (-11.116345, -77.579832)

The archaeological site of Bandurria takes its name from being in the Pampa of the mandolin, which is a small bird typical of the area (Theristicus Branicknii). The first humans settled did so before 3,000 BC, formed a village and engaged in fishing and harvesting of molluscs on the beach. Bandurria is a ceremonial and political place; the excavations have been able to determine that there were public spaces (such as the circular plazas), private spaces (the top of the pyramids), profane spaces (homes) and sacred spaces (the pyramids).

Vichama (-11.011319, -77.642078)

The fishing town of Vichama, located in Vegueta, Lima region (3,000 -1,800 b.C.) took part in the formation of the first Andean civilization, known as Caral. Their settlement was extended in an area of 14 hectares. It is made up of 12 mounds, of which some of them, have been defined as pyramidal buildings; others correspond to smaller buildings. Like Caral, the city of the pyramids, is contemporary age with the pyramids of Egypt and is located 167 Km North of the Lima region.

Caral - Bandurria / Vichama

This full-day program will be the classic of two of the oldest archaeological remains of America Tour: Caral as capital of civilization and Bandurria or Vichama; both societies were developed on the basis of the fishing industry and formed the axis of internal trade that allowed the barter of agricultural products (Caral) with fishing (Vichama - Bandurria). We will also visit the local information center. Suitable for all ages.

Our service includes:

o Official Bilingual Guide: French – Portuguese - Spanish – English.
o Pick up from hotels.
o Entrance tickets to museums and attractions.
o Tourist transport with professional driver, GPS tracking and WIFI.
o Touristic lunch at El Rosal restaurant – Huacho.

Tour details:

o Small Group service: Minimum 3 Pax
o Private service: Minimum 2 Pax
o Departures: From Monday to Sunday
o Start: 6:05 am / Finish: 6:30 pm
o Distance: 190 Kilometers North Lima
o Difficulty level: Slight
o Altitude: 359 MASL
o Temperature: Dec to Apr 30 °C – 86 °F / May to Nov 20 °C – 68 °F


o Wear light clothing, sunglasses, hat and sneakers.
o Use 40 ° sun block.

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