Caral, the city of pyramids, is contemporary with the pyramids of Egypt and is located in the middle of mountains 182 km north of the Lima region. It was discovered in 1994 and its importance is based on that it represents the first civilization in America with an approximate age of 5,000 years. During the visit, monumental buildings can be appreciated, as well as sacred fire altars used at the time.

Tour details:

o Minimum passengers: 1
o Departures: Monday to Sunday
o Inicio: 6:30 am (30 min early or late)
o End: 6:30 pm
o Distance: 182 Kms to the North of Lima
o Level of difficulty: Light
o Altitude: 359 msnm
o Coordenates: -10.892775, -77.523201

The program includes:

o Recojo / retorno desde / hacia su hotel - domicilio.
o Transporte turístico con Wifi, video a bordo y control GPS.
o Posibilidad de hacer paradas para fotografías.
o Guiado bilingüe español – inglés (otros idiomas consultar).
o Tickets de ingreso y derecho de recorrido.
o Box breakfast y una botella de agua por persona.
o Almuerzo turístico en Hotel La Empedrada.
o Opción de almuerzo vegetariano.
o Obsequio a nombre de la empresa.


o Wear light and light clothing, sunglasses, hat and slippers.
o Use 40 ° sunscreen.

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