Late Archaic period (3,000 – 1,800 b.C.).

CARAL, the city of the pyramids, is contemporary age with the pyramids of Egypt and is in the middle of mountains, 182 Km North of the city of Lima. It bears the name of the nearest town to the archaeological remains that were discovered in 1994 by Dr. Peruvian Ruth Shady Solís. Today represents the first civilization in America with approximately 5,000 years old. CARAL is one of the 26 archaeological sites located within the Valley of the Supe River, apparently was capital and Holy City of this civilization due to its monumental buildings, amphitheater and sacred fire altars used at the time.

Caral Basic

This economic program will be the classic tour of the archaeological remains, we will visit the local information center and you may also purchase souvenirs from local artisans. It starts very early to avoid the traffic and return to Lima at the end of the day. Only in Spanish language.

Our service includes:

o Transportation by bus (Movil tours) Lima - Huacho - Lima in Executive service.
o Transfer Huacho - Caral - Huacho in a private vehicle.
o Accompaniment and assistance from Huacho in Spanish language.
o Entrance tickets to museums and attractions.
o A bottle of water per person.
o Touristic lunch at El rosal restaurant – Huacho

Tour Details:

o Minimum 2 Pax
o Departures: Every day
o Start: 6:00 am
o Finish: 7.00 pm
o Distance: 190 Kilometers North Lima
o Difficulty level: Slight
o Altitude: 359 MASL
o Temperature: Dec to Apr 30 °C – 86 °F / May to Nov 20 °C – 68 °F


o Wear light clothing, sunglasses, hat and sneakers.
o Use 40 ° sun block.

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